Adult Ministry

At J@CC we believe…

…that it’s better for the individual and the church if everyone does ONE Thing and does ONE Thing well. It’s more God-honoring to discover your gifts and passion for serving, connect with a ministry, and serve with all you’ve got, compared to serving in multiple areas, getting burned out, and not involving everyone in the church. So that’s why we have begun to focus on ONE Thing. What’s your ONE Thing? We urge you to discover that area of ministry and jump in with both feet. One of the pastoral staff is willing to sit down and help you discover your ONE Thing.

Here’s an assessment that you can take to discover your Spiritual Gifts. Please fill out the assessment, print your results, and take some time to chat with a staff person about how to get involved.

The following list is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s the latest downloadable ministry listing for J@CC.


Details, details, details. There are lots of details that need to happen to help a church function properly. If you are an administration type person and like to work with details and organizing, then there’s a spot for you!

Helps Ministries

This is a “behind the scenes” area, and quite possibly one of the most important parts of serving. Not everyone is cut out for being up front, teaching, or other more visible roles, and it’s the Helps Ministries that make everything possible.


Hospitality is a key to welcoming someone into your home. We view it as just as important to our church community. Hospitality responsibilities include welcoming and greeting people prior to our worship gatherings and helping them feel comfortable. Other hospitality areas include hosting our coffee bar, passing out announcement sheets, helping with ambience in our worship space, etc.


We try to use various layers of media in both worship services in an effort to connect with people through all the senses. We’re looking for people with technical know-how, or the willingness to learn. Components of media include putting presentations together during the week, running equipment on Sundays, creating videos and backgrounds, etc.

Membership Care

This is an area that helps people inside the church connect with one another through fellowship events, meals, etc. We are also looking for people who will brainstorm new ideas.


This is the most vital part of being a church. It’s easy to get caught up in what makes a church operate, but in reality we don’t exist for ourselves. Missions encompasses a number of areas, from supporting missionaries through monetary giving to physical mission work by our congregation. Some of the ministries that we support financially and physically include City Mission, Chopin Hall, and the Hancock Christian Clearing House, as well as supporting missionaries in Italy. We have sent teams to New Orleans for Katrina Relief for five years and are currently considering where to serve next, both locally and nationally.


We’re looking for some talented musicians, singers, etc. to help provide great worship at both services.9:00 Service—This service features piano and hymns, along with choir anthems. If you like to play or sing, there’s a spot for you. Contact Erin Mitchell for more information.

11:00 Service

This service features a full band who writes a lot of original music. We would love to add new musicians and vocalists to the mix. Contact Ryan Clements for more info.


Would you like to help plan opportunities for us to reach out to our community with the love of Jesus? How about figuring out how to share the message of Jesus with others in a non-threatening way?

Team Members

The focus is two-fold: 1) to give skills and training to our church family so that they feel comfortable and confident to reach out and share Jesus with their friends and loved ones, and 2) to create opportunities and an atmosphere into which new people might become acquainted and involved in the life of the church and a relationship with Jesus. The Outreach Ministry also strives to always be aware of how our church looks and is viewed by newcomers.

Small Groups

We believe that Small Groups are a key way to grow as a believer in Jesus Christ. Worship is intended for giving praise to God; Small Groups are designed to help us grow in the context of community. We hope that all people at J@CC will be involved in a small group of some sort. Our small groups are not based on teaching and content, but rather have a focus on community, conversation, and sharing life with one another. We’re always looking for additional facilitators and host sites.


At 10:15 on Sunday mornings we offer the opportunity for adults to join in a time of learning and discussion. At 11:00 our young children have a focused time of story, play, and art. Older kids and our adults have discussion oriented time centered around the theme and scripture of the morning. We’re looking for people with a gift of teaching.


We believe that every person from J@CC is a minister, and therefore we try to have as many people carrying out ministry as possible. We have church family who are not always able to join us for worship and events. We want to keep them connected as much as possible, though. This ministry area enables the church family to stay connected with one another.

Worship Design

It takes work to plan and prepare worship each week and we’d like to share the process with you. If you’re creative and passionate about worship and telling the story of God, consider this group. We’re looking for people with a creative flair and ability in photography, computers, video, design and decor, etc.