The spiritual practices of our faith, passed down through the centuries, are a gift from God. These practices are in fact the way in which we experience God in our everyday journey of faith. This 5-week series will look at various spiritual disciplines which tap into our 5 senses and better enable us to encounter God in the midst of our busy world.

May 28 – Scripture: Seeing
The reading, study, meditating, memorizing, and digesting of the scriptures is a way of seeing truly who God is, and who we are in relation to God. 

June 4 – Body & Fasting: Feeling
Faith is not only spiritual, but an integration with the physical and emotional. 

June 11 – Silence & Solitude: Hearing
In a rapid moving world it is often difficult to find the quiet and stillness necessary to hear the voice of God. 

June 18 – Service: Touching & Smelling
It’s easy to pour ourselves into spiritual disciplines with an inward focus as we view faith as a personal thing, but in reality faith is a corporate and interpersonal thing. 

June 25 – Worship: Tasting  
Worship gives us a taste of the presence of God now, and our future with God. 

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