On the Road Again

A Lenten Series from Luke
In Luke 9 we see that Jesus turns and heads for Jerusalem, and every teaching, healing, and action bring us closer to the cross. Some of these stories happen literally on the road while traveling, others are creating roads by which others might draw closer to God through Jesus. As Jesus moves toward Jerusalem, He makes it clear that the table is bigger and the invitation is open to others. Join us for this 7-week series which culminates with Easter morning.

February 18 – Luke 9:51-62 – On the Road to Jerusalem
February 25 – Luke 10:25-42 – On the Road to Jericho
March 4 – Luke 14:15-24 – To the Streets and Alleys
March 11 – Luke 15:(1-10)11-32 – The Road Back Home
March 18 – Luke 18:9-17 – The Road to God
March 25 – Luke 19:28-48 – The Road Into Jerusalem
April 1 – Luke 24:1-36 Easter & Emmaus Road

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