Our Mission

Sharing Life, Embracing Christ through Authentic, Missional Community . . .

We believe that faith is not something that you do on your own, but should be lived out amongst others. We encourage the practice of sharing life with one another as we walk forward through the good times and bad. While true faith is indeed a relationship between an individual and Jesus, faith is also better lived out in community with others.

In the midst of sharing life, we urge all to move beyond our lives to embracing Christ in all that we do. We commonly embrace those whom we love so it’s only appropriate to do so with the God who loved us first. God seeks a relationship with us because He loves us, so we look for ways that we can embrace Christ with our very lives.

As we share life and embrace Christ, we seek to do so through a community which is authentic and missional. There are far too many places in our world where we are unable to truly be ourselves. Yet at the same time, we earnestly seek authenticity in our relationships. We believe that authenticity is key in our relationships, leadership, and service to others. Wearing a mask will get us nowhere, and plastic people do not accurately represent the God we love. So we strive to be authentic in everything that we do. While authenticity allows others to see our weakness and failures, it also enables us to move forward as a community.We seek to be a community of people who are missional in our faith. It’s awfully easy to sit back and relax when it comes to faith. But the Bible clearly instructs us that we are to love the people God loves, and that’s everyone. So we must view our lives as a mission for the sake of God, seeking out those who need love, care, support, assistance, acceptance, and inclusion in a family, and offering the freedom that Jesus brings. God does the rest.

A big part of Journey at Christ Church is the concept of community. You’ll find it in our literature and website, but hopefully you’ll find it even more in our people as we gather. Life is hard sometimes. It’s messy and grueling. But it’s also beautiful and wonderful. We believe that all people have value and, therefore, no one should have to go through this journey of life alone. It’s far better to travel with a friend. So we seek to infuse the concept of community into everything we do. That’s why we encourage people to join a small group. That’s why we gather for events and meals. That’s why we serve others side-by-side. And that’s why we worship in the style and philosophy that we do. Community. The way the Church should be. The journey is better when taken with a friend.