Our Vision

Our Vision is to be…

Our Vision is to be a nurturing faith community with space and hearts for those beyond our walls.

We feel that it is vital to have vision for people rather than programs. Programs, strategies, studies, and classes don’t go on into eternity, people do. And we acknowlege that God has a heart for people rather than programs. So our vision is tied to people.

We want to nurture those who are inside the walls in a true atmosphere of faith and community. But we also want to think beyond our walls. When we say “those beyond our walls” we simply mean those who are not yet connected to a faith community.

People are at all points in the journey. Some are just starting, some have been on the journey a while, and some have started and stopped at various points.

Regardless of whether people have or haven’t grown up in church, or have been hurt and left the church, we have space and hearts for all people.

We hope to create the proper conditions where people:– Know how to love and how to be loved – Get their hands dirty; meet peoples’ needs – Show the love of Jesus in a tangible way – Think outside of themselves – how our choices affect others in our family, community, nation, and internationally – Feel a sense of belonging; that they matter to the J@CC community regardless of where they are spiritually or emotionally Ultimately, we hope to create spaces where people can develop into fully devoted followers of Jesus who immerse others in the reality of God here on earth, and teach them to obey those teachings of Jesus. This concept is seen in Matthew 28:19-20 in what we commonly call The Great Commission. We believe that this portion of scripture is what Jesus would use to answer the question of “what are we hoping for?” How we live that out is our support of Christ’s hope.

We hope to be:

– Respected in the community as a welcoming, safe, and authentic church, involved in mission and justice in Findlay and beyond – A faith community whose focus is between Sundays and where Sunday is a celebration of God’s work at other times and other places – A community making a difference spiritually and physically in people’s lives – A faith community that values the centrality of Jesus and the scriptures as the authority, rather than political or social issue or personal preference as the focus – A community who values relationships and conversation with those outside the community as a model for outreach.