Water Wells

Blood:Water Mission has been….

Blood:Water Mission has been on our heart for quite some time and we have an ongoing mission support of this ministry. The focus of B:WM is to provide clean water and clean blood for AIDS stricken areas of Africa.

  • Did you know that every minute, nearly five people die of AIDS?
  • Did you know that already 23 million persons have died from AIDS?
  • Did you know that by year 2010, as many as 100 million people may be infected?
  • Did you know that this week – and every week – nearly 40,000 Africans will die of the disease?

The AIDS pandemic in Africa is worse than we could ever comprehend. It’s easy to overlook it. It’s easy to ask others to take care of it. It’s time, however, to take some responsibility in helping our fellow man. For every $3,000 that is donated to B:WM, needed medical supplies or a new well for clean drinking water can be provided for a village in Africa. We hope that you will help us as we seek to help our fellow man.