Who We Are

There are a lot of churches in the Findlay area, and the question can certainly be raised, “What’s different about Journey?” Our feeling is there had better be something which differentiates us from the rest of them or else we’re all just trying to do the same thing in different buildings. Here’s a picture of who we are:

A traditional church without all the pretense – When considering our 9:00 styling and approach to worship and church, this is very much who we are. If someone is more into traditional style worship and a traditional approach to church, but they don’t want high-church feel with all the pomp and circumstances, this is the place for them. We honor traditional worship but do so in a more relaxed atmosphere. Dress up or dress down, no problem. Coffee or hymnal in hand, either works.

A church for people who don’t like church – When considering our 11:00 styling and approach to worship and church, this is very much who we are. If someone has been hurt by church experience for whatever reason, this is a place for them. For people who truly don’t like what the church has done throughout history, or what they see in the news, Journey is different. Where do people go when they don’t like church? If people have given up on the church, been hurt by the church, and are willing to give it one last try before calling it quits completely, Journey is a place for them.

A church where broken and hurting people can find a place to belong – We live in a broken and imperfect world and we all have a bit of brokenness in us. There are people all around us who need a connection to the God who heals the hurts and fixes the broken; a place where people can feel a sense of belonging while they’re working through all of that. Regardless of the worship service you pick and the style you prefer, Journey is that kind of place.